DhammikaLife DhammaSandanā

Every Friday 6:30 AM PST
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DhammikaLife DhammaSandanā is one of the projects organized by the Dhammika Life Foundation led by Venerable Muniputto Theavy Sok who currently resides at Watt Khemarak Pothram, Seattle, Washington State, USA.

This program purposefully aims at propagating the Buddha’s teaching in both languages: Khmer and English. The language shifted interchangeably every Fridays at 8:30 PM ~ Cambodia Time, and 6:30 AM Seattle time. Our main purposes:

  • To disseminate Buddhism locally and internationally.
  • To bring to attention the essence of the Buddha’s teaching that is applicable to daily life in society and especially among the youth.
  • To simplify the teaching of the ancient to the world of modernity.
  • To promote the awareness of Buddhism in Cambodia to the world.
  • To promote peaceful and mindful living through ethics, concentration, and wisdom.

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